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Valle Isarco/Eisacktal

The valley fo trails

The holiday destination of Valle Isarco in South Tyrol is located between the Brennero Pass and the city of Bolzano, and is about 80 km long, connecting the most diverse geographic conditions, ranging from 471 to 3,510 m in altitude. Valle Isarco is therefore an incredibly variegated valley, and also boasts a rich cultural heritage.

Valle Isarco is one of the main valleys of South Tyrol and is lined with many picturesque side valleys, such as the valleys of Racines and Ridanna, Fleres and Val di Vizze near Vipiteno, Val di Funes near Chiusa and the Luson valley near Bressanone. Not to mention the remote Fundres valley of the Alpine pasture holiday region Gitschberg Jochtal.

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Due to its well-cultivated landscapes and mild pre-Mediterranean climate, Valle Isarco has a century-old tradition of chestnut harvesting as well as an extensive fruit and wine-growing culture. Among the natural highlights of the area are the apple blossoming in spring on the high plateau of Naz-Sciaves, the colourful chestnut trees which line the chestnut trail of Velturno and the vineyards around Bressanone. The combination of Alpine cultural landscape and Italian lifestyle enriches the culture and of course the cuisine as well.

To truly experience the best of one's holiday, one should notmiss the Valley of Funes and the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Dolomites. Also within the Dolomites is the Puez-Odle Nature Park, famous for its scenic sunny terraces in the Valle Isarco hills. Amidst these Alpine pastures and surrounding pale rock formations are situated the three medieval cities of Bressanone, Chiusa and Vipiteno. Valle Isarco is in many ways an ideal combination between nature, recreation, culinary highlights and culture.

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...the Valle Isarco/Eisacktal Valley is called the Valley of trails?
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