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Wine Cellars' Walking Trail Bressanone/Brixen
This trail in the south of the culture city of Bressanone/Brixen leads past vineyards and winegrowing estates. 
Start of the Tour: La Mara/Mahr south of Bressanone
Duration: 1:10 h
Tour Length: 2 km
Height in Metres: 150 m
Upon request, visit of one of the vineyards on the way with wine tasting.
Parking: La Mara near Bressanone, tel. +39 0472 836 401

Wine Cellars' Hiking Trail Chiusa/Klausen
The circular hiking tour informs visitors about the history of wine farming in South Tyrol, the different types of grapes and wines produced in and around Chiusa and the work in the vineyards. 
Start of the Tour: Public swimming pool Chiusa
Duration: 2h
Tour Length: 4 km
Height in Metres: 220 m
Parking: Public swimming pool Chiusa, tel. +39 0472 847 424 

Abbey Winery of the Abbazia di Novacella/Neustift near Bressanone/Brixen
Award-winning white wines on a historic site: winetasting, guided vineyard and wine-cellar tour for a minimum of 10 people, daily except for Sundays and public holidays., tel. +39 0472 836 189, tel. +39 0472 836 401
Comfortable hiking tour or bike tour from Bressanone along the Isarco river bank to Novacella
Start of the Tour: Ponte Aquila/Adlerbrücke in Bressanone
Duration: 1 h
Tour Length: 5,4 km
Height in Metres: 30 m
Parking: Bressanone, tel. +39 0472 836 401

The Isarco Winegrowers Cooperative of Chiusa/Klausen
Leisure and pleasure in the wine cellar: daily guided wine cellar tours and wine-tasting except for Saturdays - a minimum of 20 people is required. Wine tasting can also be booked for fewer people.
Brennero-Bolzano Bicycle Route passes directly near the Winery, tel. +39 0472 847 553

Winegrowers and Vintners of Valle Isarco from Novacella/Neustift near Bressanone/Brixen to Chiusa/Klausen
Different wine growers in and around Bressanone and Chiusa - known for the excellent white wines - upon request it is possible to visit their vineyards and taste their wines., tel. +39 0472 847 424 and, tel. +39 0472 836 401
South Tyrol Information, Südtiroler Straße/Via Alto Adige 60, I-39100 Bolzano/Bozen
phone: +39 0471 999 999 -