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Regional products and their creatorsRegional products and their creators
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Adventure hiking trail "Regional products and their Creators"

From Apfelstrudel to Goat Cheese - a Journey to the Ambassadors of Good Taste

"Love goes through the stomach"
The Aromas of a regions and people's Passion for their own local products are revealed through food and drink. Valle Isarco/Eisacktal, the valley of trails, is home to a number of these ambassadors of good taste - wine farmers who cultivate their vineyards on selected Locations, cheese makers proud of their homemade goat cheese, or herb farmers who transform a Piece of earth into a fragrant garden. On a guided tour with product tasting, you can experience the daily Routine of a cheese dairy or share the wine farmer's enthusiasm for his new wine.

There are about 1.600 dairy farmers who look after the daily supply of fresh milk in Valle Isarco. The high Quality of the milk is guaranteed by species-appropriate husbandry, food safety checks and the total renunciation of genetically modified foodstuffs. The milk is used maong other things to produce the famous Isarco Valley Alpine cheese or high Quality yoghurt from the Vipiteno dairy cooperative. A delicious Piece of South Tyrolean farming culture, which is best experience when visiting a cheese diary followed by the tasting of cheeses.

The wines from the Bressanone/Brixen basin have been awarded among the best wines of Italy for a number of years now. The local wine farmers rely on single-varietals and Quality without compromise. The Mineral enriched soil, the lush days and cold nights alls help form the special character of the wine. On a guided tour through the vineyards, one may experience all Details of wine production and subsenquently join a wine tasting, which will acquaint visitors with the praiseworthy characteristics ot the local wines.

The search for the crispiest apple leads us to the apple high Plateau of Naz-Sciaves (Natz-Schabs). Around 270 hectares are used for the cultivation of apples here. On a walk with the apple farmer and subsequent tasting, he will Show you how many days of sunshine and Manual harvesting techniques increase the quality of the apples.

The centrepiece of the original South Tyrolean Chestnut Gathering (Törggelen) is the tasting of traditional local chestnuts. This noble fruit is slow-roasted as well as used to sweeten a number of dishes of the local cuisine of Valle Isarco/Eisacktal. The Wood if the chestnut tree is most appealing to artists and sculptors. You will discover numerous uses of the chestnut while hiking on the "chestnut trail", joiing in on a "Törggele Party" Event or visiting a chestnut farmer.

Herbs and Honey
Numerous plant which grow in the agricultural landscape of Valle Isarco/Eisacktal have Long been used as medicines for both People and animals. Today a number of herb farmers continue this Tradition and process herbs into herbal Teas, liqueurs or essences used in cosmetic products. Honey is another source of income for local farmers. Thee beehives on the edge of the spruce forests and pastures are production sites for delicious forest and blossom honeys. On a guided walk with local herb farmers, you will discover a variety of medicinal herbs and the tasting of honex will acquaint you with the sweet differences between forest and blossom honey.

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