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The most beautiful winter hiking trails

Away from the ski slopes

Tramping away from the ski slopes through the White winter landscapes is a unique winter experience. The most beautiful winter hiking trails wind on prepared snow through a landscape of snow-capped mountain tops and forests. Along the way, the wonders of winter can be seen and experienced amidst the unspoiled Alpine nature of the area. Either on the way or uppon arrival, one can also warm up with some South Tyrolean delicacies in one of the many mountain huts and inns.

1. Circular Hiking Tour on the Flaner Jöchl/Monte Cavallo (Rosskopf)
Vipiteno/Monte Cavallo
Duration: 1:30 h
Tour length: 5,4 km
Height: 160 m

2. Panoramic Hiking Trail to Mount Piatto in Racines/Ratschings
Duration: 3 h
Tour length: 10,9 km
Height: 200 m

3. Winter Hiking Route Val di Fleres/Pflerschtal
Colle Isarco/Fleres
Duration: 2:30 h
Tour length: 11,4 km
Height: 110 m

4. Circular Hiking Tour Valle Altafossa/Altfasstal
Gitschberg Jochtal
Duration: 2 h
Tour length: 6,7 km
Height: 120 m

5. On the Alpe di Rodengo/Luson (Rodenecker/Lüsner Alm) Mountain Ridge
Duration: 3:30 h
Tour length: 11,6 km
Height: 210 m

6. From Valcroce/Kreuztal to the Rossalm Alpine pasture
Duration: 2:45 h
Tour length: 5,3 km
Height: 170 m

7. On the Alpe di Luson/Lüsner Alm
Duration: 3:45 h
Tour length: 14,1 km
Height: 450 m

8. From Alpe di Villandro/Villanderer Alm to Corno del Renon/Rittner Horn
Duration: 5 h
Tour length: 15,8 km
Height: 520 m

9. To the Dusler Alpine Pasture on the Alpe della Val di Funes/Villnösser Alm
Dolomiti Val di Funes/Dolomitental Villnöss
Duration: 2 h
Tour length: 6,3 km
Height: 310 m
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