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Green Event South Tyrol Christmas Markets

Green Events are planned, organized and carried out in accordance with environmentally friendly criteria. The other essential factors are regional value creation, efficiency use of resources, waste management, mobility and social responsibility.

The South Tyrol Christmas Markets are certified as a Green Event
The five Original South Tyrol Christmas Markets are set apart by their authenticity and naturalness. In 2015, the South Tyrol Christmas markets will shine again under a green star. In cooperation with the Ökoinstitut Südtirol, work is being done to make the Advent period in South Tyrol ecological and sustainable, and to transform the Original South Tyrol Christmas Markets into a certified Green Event. Significant factors include the sparing utilization of resources, environmentally friendly mobility, waste management and the use of regional and seasonal products. Schools, sheltered workshops and local community gardeners will provide for some of the decorative elements. In 2015, the Christmas markets will offer mainly traditional and innovative arts and crafts. There will also be workshops at which traditional crafts such as felting or the making of Advent wreaths can easily be learned.

You too can help protect the environment by traveling to the Christmas markets in an eco-friendly way and by using the Mobilcard ( to visit the markets

The main Green Event criteria are:
Food: seasonal, regional, vegetarian, use of organic ingredients
- Use of reusable dishes
- Avoid use of beverage cans
- Well-organized waste management (waste avoidance, waste separation)
- Energy conservation
- Environmentally friendly mobility: Shuttle buses, information about environmentally friendly travel
- Brochures: use of FSC-certified paper, climate-neutral printing
- The event staff is informed in advance about the Green Event initiative, involved in the planning (workshop, fact sheet, etc.) and asked to implement the measures

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