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Mountain Hut Rifugio G. Biasi al Bicchiere in the valley of trailsMountain Hut Rifugio G. Biasi al Bicchiere


South Tyrol’s highest-elevation mountain refuge

South Tyrol's highest-elevation mountain hut, Becherhaus, is situated at an elevation of 3,195 in the Ridanna Valley. Built for climbers in 1894 as the Empress Elisabeth Mountain Refuge, it is located on the edge of the Übertalferner Glacier amidst the Stubai Alps and encircled by a panorama of popular summits more than 3,000 meters high, such as Zuckerhütl, Wilder Freiger, Sonklarspitze and Botzer.

Over the course of the challenging ascent to the Becherhaus mountain refuge, hikers must cover an altitude gain of 1,725 meters in about seven hours. The trail runs from Maiern in the Ridanna Valley, passes the Grohmannhütte mountain hut and then continues in switchbacks to Teplitzerhütte. From there, the ascent goes over a small glacier tongue down to Becherfelsen, where Becherhaus awaits experienced and sure-footed hikers.

Despite its extreme altitude and position in the middle of South Tyrol’s mightiest glacial area, Becherhaus offers running water, hot meals and beds for 100 guests. The refuge is open from late June to September, depending on the weather. At Becherhaus in the Wipptal Valley, you’ll also find the highest Marion shrine of the Alps, the little Maria im Schnee chapel.
Mountain Hut Rifugio G. Biasi al Bicchiere (3.195m) - South Tyrol's highest mountain shelterMountain Hut Rifugio G. Biasi al Bicchiere (3.195m) - South Tyrol's highest mountain shelter
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