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Tradition and modernity in Vipiteno, Racines and Colle Isarco

In Vipiteno/Sterzing, traces of an eventful history are ubiquitous. Visitors will be enchanted by the old city, known for its historical relationship with the Fugger banking family: the medieval portici/Lauben arcades are lovely for strolling, and the townhouses below the Tower of the Twelve testify even today to the prosperity of this former trading city. A few years ago, Vipiteno was included on the list of Italy’s most beautiful small towns.

This historical mining city on the Isarco/Eisack River also exudes all the charm of a lively downtown area, with picturesque shopping streets and stylish architecture. Epicures and leisure travelers will find first-class products from farmers’ markets and specialty stores, as well as fine dining parlors and restaurants.

The valley station of the cable car to Monte Cavallo/Rosskopf ski and recreation area is located just a few minutes from Vipiteno’s historical city center. There are also a number of popular tributary valleys: Racines/Ratchings, Ridanna/Ridnaun and Valgiovo/Jaufental in addition to Colle Isarco/Gossensaß, Fleres/Pflersch and Vizze/Pfitsch. These are much-loved places amongst nature lovers and active holidaymakers throughout the course of the entire year.
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