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Funes Nature Park House

Appreciating nature at the heart of Puez–Odle Nature Park

Puez–Odle Nature Park, which is known as Puez–Geisler in German, encompasses mountain ranges such as the Odle Group and the Peitlerkofel Massif, ranking it amongst the most impressive and most photographed mountain formations in the whole of the Alps. The central information point of the nature park is Funes Nature Park House, which opened in 2009 in San Maddalena in Funes/Villnöss. The simple contemporary cube made of concrete, wood and glass was designed by architects Stefan Burger and Birgit Rudacs and is integrated harmoniously into its surroundings in terms of both form and colour.

This visitors’ centre in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Alps has, since it opened, presented many interesting exhibits including a huge aerial photograph that visitors can walk across and Berge anfassen (Touching the Mountains), which is about rock types and stratification. On the second floor there are also the two permanent exhibits: Wunderkammer der Natur (lit: Nature’s Chamber of Wonders) and Berge erobern (lit: Conquering Mountains)
The mission of Funes Nature Park House is not only to inform, but also to convey the geological, biological and cultural diversity found at Puez-Odle. In so doing, the hope is to raise enthusiasm in people of all ages – not only regarding the natural park’s beauty but also about those things for which it stands.

Opening times
The visitors’ centre is open from 5th May to 31st October 2020, Tuesdays to Saturdays from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm, and from 2.30 pm to 6.00 pm.
In July and August, the Nature Park House is also open on Sundays.

Special exhibition from May until October
Monkshood and edelweiss - poisonous plants and medicinal herbs from our mountains

The monkshood, with its intense blue flowers, was known since ancient times as a poisonous and deadly plant. The edelweiss, on the other hand, a delicate but very resistant flower, was an ancient medicinal plant. The special exhibition is dedicated to these two types of flowers.

Admission is free!


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