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Raiermoos Biotope and Raas Nature Trail

A habitat for endangered fauna and flora

Raiermoos was originally a large lake that formed in clayey glacial moraine about 12,000 years ago. The first inhabitants settled here in lake dwellings.

Today Raiermoos is a biotope and habitat for endangered animals and plant life. Reeds, cattails, rushes and marsh clover border the lake. It offers a habitat for frogs, newts and snakes. Migratory birds like herons and storks will find peace here, and a place to rest. Red-backed shrikes, wrens and nightingales brood in the biotope alongside various warblers and tits. The flowering grasslands are a haven for crickets, grasshoppers, butterflies and praying mantis. Other biotopes in the municipality of Natz-Schabs include Sommersürs in Viums, Zuzzis and Laugen in Natz. The nature trail around the Raiermoos biotope is a lovely walk. You can hear the songs of rare birds and observe the wealth of wildlife from the shelters here.
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