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Alte Linde (Old Linden) Natural Monument at the Church of St. Nicholas in Aicha

Silent witness to history

In the Middle Ages, courts of justice were often held under a linden tree. Gerichtslinden (lit. “court linden”) trees were usually located at prominent points in the landscape, at castles, churches or atop hills.

An old linden tree stands right next to the cemetery wall that surrounds the Church of St. Nicholas. It is 22 meters high and dominates the idyllic spot. The circumference of the trunk is 6.5 m; the diameter of the crown measures 17 m. It is held together with iron rods. The age of the linden tree cannot be determined because the trunk is cracked. However, it is estimated to be several hundred years old.

According to tradition, the Daughter Church of St. Nicholas was built from a small chapel in about 1402; the structure was completed in 1464. In 1985 frescoes were uncovered above the church entrance on the porch of the church that are attributed to the well-known artist Michael Pacher. The pointed steeple and its four bells also date from this period.
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