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Trostburg Castle in Ponte Gardena

One of South Tyrol’s most impressive castle complexes

Well-preserved Trostburg Castle, on the eastern hill above the small town of Ponte Gardena/Waidbruck, was already documented by the end of the twelfth century as the seat of Cunrat de Trosperch (Konrad of Trotsburg). It subsequently came into the possession of the Lords of Wolkenstein. In the seventeenth century the stronghold was converted into a formidable fortress. Today it is the official seat of the South Tyrolean Castles Institute; since 2005 it has housed the South Tyrolean Castles Museum.

Trostburg is also known beyond South Tyrol, because it was the seat of the Lords of Wolkenstein –and as such was the childhood home of Oswald von Wolkenstein (1377–1445), arguably the most important Early New High German poet and composer. The castle’s noteworthy attractions include valuable testimonies of history such as three Roman dedication stones (180 AD), a Gothic Stube parlor with a triple barreled vault (before 1407), a spacious Renaissance Hall, a loggia painted with coats of arms and one of the largest historical wine presses in South Tyrol.

TIP: The Trostburg castle is located near the bicylcle route Brennero-Bolzano.


Medieval poet Oswald von Wolkenstein grew up at Trotsburg Castle.

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