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Chiusa in the valley of trailsSurrounded by chestnut forests and vineyards, the municipality of Chiusa is one of the most varied holiday areas of the Valle Isarco.


Romantic little City of Artists

No less a figure than Albrecht Dürer was already in love with the town of Chiusa/Klausen in 1494, engraving his impressions in The Great Fortune. Since that time, Chiusa has brought many artists and poets under its spell: they have, in turn, depicted the city in artwork and sung about it. The picturesque little town stretches between the elongated rock atop which Säben Castle stands and the Isarco River: beautiful facades, narrow and brightly colored, line up next to one another, surmounted by Gothic churches. Inns steeped in tradition have been here for centuries, housing illustrious guests: for a long time, the only road that led south from the Brenner Pass ran right through the middle of the little town.

Culture and history in Chiusa

The former Capuchin monastery safeguards the fabled Loreto Treasure; like the Pinakothek (art gallery) and the modern museum gallery, it is open for public viewing. Capuchin Hill, right next to the monastery and garden, offers an extraordinary view of the city and valley. The surrounding countryside is enchanting, and has been well developed for walking. Ancient trails lead past Branzoll Castle to Säben Abbey, to Pratello/Pardell, Verdignes/Verdings, Lazfons/Latzfons, and the quaint village of Gudon/Gufidaun, and then further afield where there are old farms, lush meadows and dense forests.
Chiusa in the valley of trails


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Chiusa in the valley of trails
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