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Dear Pilgrims,
Quite apart from being on one of the historical stretches of the Way of St. James as it runs through the South Tyrol, Neustift Abbey, situated at the intersection of the two main routes from North to South and East to West, would have offered board, lodging and medical care to many travellers and pilgrims soon after the founding of its hospital, but above all it would have offered spiritual refreshment. 
When travelling, walking and making a pilgrimage, an existential human phenomenon is expressed. There is fundamental evidence, most especially in the message of the Bible, in the Old and New testaments, that man, individuals, people are on a journey, on the way to their destination, towards God. They do not go along this way, with its many twists and turns, on their own, but meet up with others and travel along the road together, led by Emanuel, “God with us”, as Jesus was called in the New Testament, who said of Himself that He is the way to God.
I hope that everyone who sets out on the Way of St. James in South Tyrol gets to know the character and the culture of this beautiful countryside a bit better, but I especially hope that they experience an inner awakening of their own destiny and are able to reinforce their personal objectives, through the Christian message of the Way of St. James.
Georg Untergaßmair
Provost and Abbot of Neustift

Information concerning the stages in the Valle Isarco/Eisacktal valley and the Val Pusteria/Pustertal valley
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