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Hufeisentour - Horseshoe Tour

High Mountain Trail in the Sarntal Alps

The Horseshoe Tour - a gem in the heart of South Tyrol

In seven daily stages, one hikes on the Horseshoe Tour through the breathtaking mountain landscape of the Sarntal Alps. The hikers pass through very quaint, mostly untouched nature, hardly to be found anymore anywhere in South Tyrol. At any stage, it is likely that a wanderer won’t meet another soul during his hike. The hiker is therefore in touch with himself – and singularly bonded with nature. Whoever stops in all the huts along the route and collects stamps on a specially pre-made card, will receive a certificate at the end of the Horseshoe Tour. This is to honor the performance, and serves as evidence that the mountaineer has completed the entire Horseshoe Tour.

The Horseshoe Tour offers a very varied range of hiking. Versatile in terms of difficulty, but also contingent on the season. The range of offerings on the Horseshoe Tour thus extends from easy hikes for families with small children to high Alpine climbing with many exposed sections. Seasonal offers in the spring and fall are hikes on the Tschöggelberg or the Corno del Renon mountains, while at peak summer times, the higher-lying areas such as the Latzfonserkreuz cross, the area around the Penser Joch pass or the Hirzer Alpine hut attract hikers and mountaineers.

The map of the Horseshoe Tour as PDF-file

The Seven Stages of the Hufeisentour - Horseshoe Tour

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