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“Südtiroler Gasthaus”: regional, seasonal, good

A permanent component of South Tyrol’s culinary palette

The “Südtiroler Gasthaus” brand stands for people whose purpose is the art of hospitality. In South Tyrolean inns, the innkeepers personally care about the wellbeing of their guests: They carefully select the best South Tyrolean products, process them according to traditional and newly interpreted recipes and proudly serve delicious specialities. Their prime principle is cultivating, maintaining an enthusiastically carrying on traditional South Tyrolean inn culture!  The "Südtiroler Gasthaus" is a synonym for lived hospitality, regional delicacies and the preservation of authentic South Tyrolean inn culture.

The “Südtiroler Gasthaus” is a place, where tradition is lived and passed on with conviction, where ancient customs are combined with new ideas and young spirit. Culinary pleasure comes to the fore as authentic hospitality. All inns are submitted continuously to a strict quality check by an independent jury that check, if the belonging inns can keep what the “Südtiroler Gasthaus” brand promises: an offer that is focused on typical South Tyrolean dishes and the use of local, seasonal high quality products. A wine list whose protagonists are South Tyrolean wines. A pleasant ambience created by the use of local materials.

Twice a year the group members invite their guests to special culinary weeks: in autumn to “Harvest festival at ‘Südtiroler Gasthaus’” and in summertime to “Summer at ‘Südtiroler Gasthaus’”. Two initiatives where ancient traditions are reissued by offering culinary, new interpreted experiences.

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 Foto: Südtiroler Gasthaus/A. Marini
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