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The south tyrolean apple

The original temptation

The crisp bite in an apple does not necessarily result in expulsion from paradise. The high apple plateau of Naz-Sciaves/Natz-Schabs proves the opposite: Apples and landscapes right out of paradise form a harmonious unity. Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Elstar or Gala - the fruits of the high apple plateau Naz-Sciaves/Natz-Schabs have led many vacationers astray. With its sunny location and fertile soil the devilishly good fruits have found the perfect place to grow. In Naz-Sciaves/Natz-Schabs around 270 hectares are used for growing fruit; approximately 11,400 metric tons of different apple varieties are grown annually. 

During the spring the apple trees are in full bloom. The harvest of early varieties starts as early as August. The last fruit is picked at the end of October. These are carefully stored in special cold rooms with low oxygen content. This guarantees that the apple remains a crispy treat throughout the year - eaten fresh or made into delicious fruit dishes. 

Try the culinary apple specialities at two special events in Naz-Sciaves/Natz-Schabs: in early October you are invited to the "Sunny Side Apple Week" and in the middle of the flowering season, from late April to early May, to the "Royal Blossom Festival".

Did you know ...

... that because of the cross-over from Mediterranean to a Central European-continental climate the South Tyrol has more ideal conditions for fruit growing than almost any other country in Europe?
... that with its cultivated area of approx. 18,000 hectares (approx. 44,480 acres) South Tyrol is the largest fruit growing area in Europe?
... that fruit growing is the basis of livelihood for around 8,000 South Tyrolean families?
... that South Tyrol produces 30% of the Italian apple harvest and 11% of the European apple harvest?
... that an average of 900,000 tons of apples are produced annually in South Tyrol?
... that about half the apple harvest is exported and roughly 70% of that goes to Germany?
... that there is a high apple plateau in Eisacktal?
... that a trail in the Valle Isarco/Eisacktal valley was dedicated to the apple?
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