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Culinary fusionsCulinary fusions
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Valle Isarco - The pleasure of fine cuisine

Regional Products

Alto Adige, situated between the Alps and the sea features a rich and sophisticated cuisine that has evolved over time. The various inns, taverns and restaurants in Valle Isarco are testimony to this.

The exceptional food and warm hospitality of Valle Isarco is displayed in all its glory on the paths of the Valley of trails. Recipes are handed down, reinterpreted in a Mediterranean style and then served to diners with affection. Unforgettable meals are prepared using the finest local ingredients including prunes from Barbiano, apples from Natz/Sciaves, yogurt from Vipiteno, cheese from the Fane dairy in Valles and Velturno chestnuts. Furthermore, we find in Eisacktal fragrant and healing herbs and the sheep of Val di Funes "Brillenschaf" with its special wool and exquisite meat.

The white wine from Valle Isarco is considered one of the gastronomic ambassadors of the region and is grown and matured on the sunny slopes around Bressanone and Chiusa. It is highly regarded and characterised by its mineral structure and intensity. It is also the star of many gastronomic events including the autumn chestnut festival.
Regional Products at the foot of the Geisler Mountains...Regional Products at the foot of the Geisler Mountains...


Get to know the regional products of the Valle Isarco/Eisacktal valley along the adventure trail "Regional products and their creators".

Discover the local products on the farmers' markets.
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