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Urban and cultural walks in the Isarco Valley

A look behind the facades

The Isarco Valley – located along the Brenner Route, the lowest mountain pass and thus an important transition between North and South – is rich in history, many vestiges of which are still visible. During the course of a guided city walk or culture-themed tour through Vipiteno, Brixen or Chiusa you’ll get a look behind the facades of strongholds, Renaissance castles and Baroque churches, mountain chapels and adorned farms and houses. Here you can learn intriguing facts about European history and gain interesting background knowledge about the social history of farmers and townspeople.

This information is not in the guidebooks; it must be experienced first hand. Trained hiking and city guides accompany visitors to the Valley of Trails who are interested in culture to noteworthy sites of the past and the present day.

Information about urban and cultural walks

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