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Culturonda, the new cultural guide of South Tyrol

Culturonda® is a spirited journey through time, taking in twelve cultural experiences in South Tyrol. An ideal way to become acquainted with, the region's people, their day to day life, traditions and culture. All stops of this Culturonda are presented in this brochure.

Culturonda® Dolomythos
Twelve routes to discover culture and the way of life in the Dolomites, now a UNESCO world natural heritage property.
The new cultural guide Culturonda® Dolomythos has appeared hot from the press. It provides a new perspective of the Dolomites. Culturonda® Dolomythos provides insight into the mountains, the people who inhabit them, their history and stories.
Culturonda® Dolomythos has singled out three interesting aspects of each of the twelve topics for special emphasis, for example making the rock composition of the Dolomites intelligible along the ‘Geologist’s footpath’ on the Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm, while the chapter on Ladin sagas delves into the legend of the ‘Parliament of the Marmots’.
A map is supplied with the Culturonda® Dolomythos brochure showing 40 places of cultural interest in the Dolomites.

Culturonda® Wine
The new cultural guide Culturonda® Wine opens up twelve routes to wine culture in South Tyrol.
South Tyrol is a tiny wine region in Italy, the world’s largest wine producing country, and enjoys a quality profile way out of proportion to its size. 20 grape varieties thrive in a small area and the resulting wines consistently scoop top international awards. Vernatsch, Lagrein and Gewürztraminer even originated in South Tyrol. Wine has been made here since prehistoric times. Culturonda® Wine delves into South Tyrol’s wine culture, its traditions and history from twelve perspectives – from mastery to savoir vivre.
Culturonda® Wine comprises twelve themes: vinescape and architecture, terroir and the grape varieties which originated in South Tyrol, vine trellising and winemaking methods, the history of wine in South Tyrol, the role of vineyard-owning monasteries, fine dining and art, humorous wine legends and experiencing wine with all the senses.
Each Culturonda® Wine theme is accompanied by three specific recommendations: for example wine travellers find out why winegrowing in South Tyrol is such a patchwork and what it all has to do with the Törggelen or wine imps. It recommends the best events at which wine in general and particular varieties can be tasted. A map is included to assist you to plan and combine your routes individually.

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Culturonda® Dolomythos Culturonda® Dolomythos
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